Text Ads

What is 10xGreener?
  • 10xGreener is a Simple Advertising Platform that created to help member to member to share abundance by privately and directly thru Advertising Purchase.
Do we receive our own websites?
  • Yes. You will have your own referral links and replicated websites to share with others. You must verify your email address to be active in the system. Please check your spam/junk folder as well.
What Products are Available with 10xGreener?
  • We offered a simple text ads and banner ads advertising products.
How can we obtain our membership?
  • A person that is already a member can invite you into the community. Get back with the member who invited you and they will personally walk you through our simple registration procedure.
Is 10xGreener available worldwide?
  • Yes and No. Anyone with an internet connection and in the country list and would like to generate traffic to their sites are welcome to participate.
What payment processors are used?
  • We use Bitcoin as our main processor plus 2 more additional options available.
How do I purchase?
  • You will need to login into your member’s back office, look for the Purchase/Upgrade button and click on it, then you follow the steps.
Can a member request a refund?
  • No. This is a Member to Member activity, there are no refunds. All sales and purchase are final. If you disagree, please do not participate in our program.
How do we send our purchase/upgrade fee to a member?
  • Since the transaction is between Member to Member, each Member will indicate in their back office how they would like to receive the fund. All payments must either approve or deny accordingly within 24 hours before it gets auto approve by the admin.
How do we send a fund if the recipient does not have their processors displayed?
  • If you know the person, you may contact them directly, if not, contact support immediately and we will contact that person.
What structure do we used?
  • This is Community Team Forced Matrix. Spillover is available when your upline and those above have invited more than 2 members.  Those members are placed in the matrix below, left to right.
Is this a company?
  • This is a members owned and operated so there is no company - We are a community of like-minded members who are interested in helping each other. We are not a business or an investment. You are participating in a program that is helping each others out voluntarily. You are given an advertising credits as part of your participation.
Can I have more than one account?
  • Yes you may have more than one account. Just register with a different email address and username. Important, no stacking allow.
How much money can a member make?
  • The potential is unlimited, however, we cannot project how much you will make. There is no guarantee of earnings. Your level of success is dependent on the time and effort you put forth in the program, advertising, following the rules and adhering to the Terms and Conditions.